A nurse and patient pose for a scenic photo

Skilled Nursing Services

Through dedication and focus on patients first, Ethica, a Georgia-based management organization, provides clinical services, operational support, financial management, short-term recovery, dining, nutrition and long-term care for client centers delivering skilled nursing services.

Ethica's mission is to combine compassionate, patient-centered care with state-of-the-art programs to create an atmosphere of healing and hope for those who need rehabilitation and nursing services.

Along with a commitment to service, Ethica is supported by a strong ethical backbone, which is reflected in the service to client centers and patients.

Short-term Recovery or Long-term Care
When a loved one no longer needs to be hospitalized yet cannot be cared for at home, Ethica client centers offer a "home away from home" with clinical and short-term rehabilitation therapy. Some patients may need continued care for skilled nursing services.

A Healing Environment
Clinical services
Dining and nutrition services
Short-term recovery programs
Memory care services
Long-term care services